QC Bhangra Academy

Where: International House, 322 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte NC

When: Every Wednesday, 8 - 8:50 PM

…Too late to join? Registration has ended, and the 8-week session has started. HOWEVER, QCBA will offer a free drop-in lesson for only 5 DOLLARS! Final session will be April 6th. 

This is a video of UNC Bhangra Elite, a collegiate bhangra that competes nationally.  In this capstone performance, the team performs at Journey into Asia, a cultural showcase hosted every year to raise money for a non-profit called REACH, which helps fund underprivileged schools in rural China.  

Seen singing a boli and playing dhol, I join my team as we give it our all on stage for a noble cause! Enjoy!


Bhaṅgṛā: ਭੰਗੜਾ: भांगड़ा: A form of dance AND music that originated in the Punjab region of India/Pakistan. It began folk dance conducted by Sikh farmers to celebrate the coming of the harvest season. This dance art further became synthesized after Partition, when refugees from different parts of the Punjab shared their folk dances with individuals who resided in the regions they settled in.  This folk dance is extremely popular in the UK and USA as well, seen as an expression of South Asian culture as a whole.  Today, Bhangra dance survives in different forms and styles all over the globe – including pop music, film soundtrack, hip-hop fusion, collegiate competitions, talent shows, and even fitness classes. 

The Queen City Bhangra Academy begins its first classes in the new year, and we plan to teach this precious dance form in its purest and most fun form.  Dance as well as musical elements (such as dhol and singing) will be instructed and encouraged.  All are welcome!

Currently accepting interest from all age groups, please email us at qcbhangra@gmail.com or call 704-787-1109.

Head Instructor: Anish Thakkar